Do you and someone you know have what it takes to live happily ever after?

Here's an easy way to find out using a sophisticated test designed by one of America's most distinguished research psychologists.

We'll ask you questions about your basic relationship needs - the minimum requirements you have for a romantic partner. After you complete the test, we'll help you get in touch with someone you know so that he or she can take it too. Then you'll both receive a compatibility report detailing where the basic needs you each have are met and are not met by the other person.

If two people meet each other's basic relationship needs, and if they also feel mutually attracted, they have a good chance of being able to create a happy, long-term, loving relationship. They can even build love deliberately over time.

If you've never completed the test before, get started by clicking on "continue" below. If you've already completed it and want to contact more people, login with your email address and password.

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