Notable Finding: People can master skills that will boost their motivation, and the most powerful of these skills is goal setting.


Recent Publications

Epstein, R., Ho, M.E., Scandalis, Z., & Ginther, A. (2022). The motivation competencies that count most:  An online international study. Open Psychology Journal. DOI: 10.2174/1874-3501-v15-e2202030 

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Epstein, R., with Rogers, J. (2001).  Getting psyched! A playful new approach. Psychology Today, July/August 2001, pp. 54-56, 60. (Edited excerpt from The Big Book of Motivation Games, McGraw-Hill)

Recent Presentations

Epstein, R., Vu, K., & Robertson, R.E. (2016, April). Which skills are best at boosting motivation? A large-scale internet-based study.  Paper presented at the 96th annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association, Long Beach, CA.

Epstein, R., & Vu, K. (2011, April). Can skills keep us motivated? Measuring and ranking appropriate competencies. Paper presented at the 91st annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association, Los Angeles, CA.

Epstein, R. (2010, October). Motivation games: If you can play, you can motivate. Seminar given at The Motivation Show, Chicago, IL.

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